The comfortable and spacious suites of the Royal Palm Hotel are your first choice in planning a family weekend getaway and in ensuring time well-spent in the magical, and charming atmosphere Dubrovnik has to offer. Enjoy the magnificent ambience in one of the world’s most idyllic cities.

The Royal Palm Hotel offers guests intimate and luxurious apartments that ensure a relaxing aura for a perfect vacation.

We are confident you will achieve a relaxing night’s sleep in one of our exceptionally comfortable rooms and, be able to relish in the spacious living space and our numerous high-quality amenities.

Our suites are luxurious with enchanting interiors, although the greatest pleasure is sure to be found on the large balconies with the breathtaking views of the calm open sea and its reefs.

Savour the magical sunset and the intoxicating fragrance of pine trees and Mediterranean vegetation from the gardens surrounding the Royal Palm Hotel.